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The Adam Smith Institute

In London, on June 26, Tom will deliver a presentation titled "How deregulation gave us FM Radio, HBO and the iPhone."  Visit the Adam Smith Institute's website for more information on attending. 

Professor Thomas Winslow Hazlett is speaking at the ASI about his new book The Political Spectrum: The Tumultuous Liberation of Wireless Technology, from Herbert Hoover to the Smartphone

Professor Hazlett, former chief economist of the Federal Communications Commission, will run through the history of wireless technology, describing how special interests and short-sighted regulators frequently hamstrung innovations from FM radio to cable TV to cellphones. He'll describe how insights from economist Ronald Coase led to a deregulation revolution that brought us much of the technology and free expression we take for granted today, from smartphones to Game of Thrones.

Professor Thomas Winslow Hazlett hold the H. H. Macaulay Endowed Professorship in Economics at Clemson University, where he directs the Information Economy Project. He's also a frequent contributor to Reason magazine.

As usual, doors will open at 6pm with the talk itself starting at 6.30pm.

To RSVP please email